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White label our award-winning reproductive health, pregnancy and baby trackers to improve patient satisfaction, health outcomes and adherance.

Early Life Apps

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Fertility & Women's Health App

  • Predictions get smarter over time
  • View past cycle history and averages
  • Set custom reminders and alerts
  • PDF Report for doctor visits with cycle, health and fertility data
  • View future projected period dates
  • Review cycle history and averages
  • Log symptoms, moods, medications and notes
  • Uses physician-recommended fertility awareness methods to identify ovulation day and most fertile window
  • Automatically determines temperature shift and peak day to identify ovulation day
  • View follicular and luteal phase lengths
  • iCloud data backup
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Ability to integrate with your systems

Pregnancy & Maternity Care App

  • Award-winning app with next generation 3D interaction – Real-to-life interactive movements, kicking, heartbeat and more.
  • Pregnancy Journal with eBook export: Capture belly photos and all the special pregnancy thoughts and moments along the way – includes over 350 fun entry ideas.
  • Weekly and daily information about you and your developing baby
  • Personalized Pregnancy Timeline
  • Weight Tracker
  • Kick Counter
  • Contraction Timer
  • Hospital Bag and Baby Registry Checklists
  • iCloud data backup
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Ability to integrate with your systems

Newborn Care & Child Development App

  • Track feedings, bottles, solid foods, pumping, sleep, diapers with charts to identify patterns and trends
  • Medical profile of child including doctor appointments, questions for the doctor and immunizations
  • Health Tracker to record child's symptoms, temperature, medications, illnesses and health events
  • Development Tracker to monitor child's age appropriate milestones using CDC guidelines
  • On-Demand Doctor Report Generator to aid in child's care with the pediatrician
  • Growth Tracker and charts with WHO and CDC datasets
  • Fun memories section with eBook export
  • Monthly development updates and daily tips
  • Share data instantly across devices
  • iCloud data backup
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Ability to integrate with your systems

Why Choose Sprout's White Label Solution?

By using our Mobile Health Platform, you benefit from:

  • Speed to market: you no longer have to worry about building an app from scratch and developing tools and functionality that already exist
  • Innovation connected to your brand: you can customize the app with your own brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the app and the innovation with your company
  • Your app doesn't get outdated: you'll benefit from our regular platform updates, enhancements and performance upgrades ensuring the app always feels fresh
  • Secure and proven technology: you use the same platform that has been driving our award-winning Sprout Early Life apps for over 5 years - you can be confident it works!
  • A senior-level team of experts: a highly experienced team working with you who understand and have worked in your industry

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