Leading Pregnancy App Maker Launches Sprout Baby™ App for iPhone and iPad

December 19, 2012

BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Med ART Studios ( – makers of the Sprout Pregnancy Essentials app, voted America's #1 pregnancy app by and rated as one of TIME’s top 50 apps of 2012 – announced the release of the Sprout Baby app for the iPhone and iPad.  This powerful, personalized app allows moms and dads to capture all of their baby’s daily activities – from developmental milestones, feedings, diapers, and growth tracking to capturing medical records, and more.

The Sprout Baby app includes an innovative, personalized home page that showcases a baby’s daily activities and latest milestones. The home page also offers monthly development updates and informative daily tips that grow along with the baby.

Sprout Baby’s unique milestones feature lets parents capture their little ones’ biggest moments – from that first smile to their first step, and more, while the medical records tool, doctor’s visit planner, immunization tracker and medication monitor allow parents to store all of the vital health information doctors provide about their growing babies in a single, easily accessible app.

The app’s feeding, pumping, diaper, and growth trackers allow parents to see changes in their baby’s eating, diaper or growth patterns at a glance, with daily, weekly, and monthly charts and summaries. The app’s email function makes it easy for moms and dads to share records and updates with healthcare providers and others.

“With Sprout Baby, we wanted to go beyond existing baby apps to create a comprehensive resource that provides parents with all the tools, tips and information they need, while also capturing their babies’ daily activities and amazing milestones in one stylish interface that is engaging and fun to use,” says Rob Kern, co-founder of Med ART Studios and father of two.

About Sprout 
Sprout Baby is brought to you by the makers of the Sprout Pregnancy Essentials app, voted America's #1 pregnancy app by and rated as one of TIME’s top 50 apps of 2012.

About Med ART Studios 
Med ART Studios, LLC, specializes in producing progressive home-health and professional medical software applications for hand-held mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad. Contact Med ART Studios by mail at 14 Andover Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807.

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