Sprout Baby App offers first-of-its-kind Health Tracker and on-demand Doctor Reports for babies and toddlers

October 27, 2016

  • Health Tracker records and organizes symptoms, temperature, medications and health events for children in one easy-to-use tool
  • It empowers parents to generate robust Doctor Reports of their child's health data for Sick Visits, Well Visits, Growth and Developmental Milestones, and for personal records

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Oct. 27, 2016 -- Sprout Baby App, part of the comprehensive app collection for parents and parents-to-be that includes TIME's Top 50 App Sprout Pregnancy and Sprout Fertility & Period Tracker, announces a revolutionary way to track and manage children's health and medical records: the Health Tracker and Doctor Report tool (iOS) is available for purchase in the App Store.

The innovative Health Tracker tool, a new addition inside the Sprout Baby app, enables a parent to record, track and organize health-related events and records including a child's symptoms, temperatures and medications. Parents can also view trends and summaries of their child's health information in easy-to-read charts.

Sprout Baby is the only app on the market that allows a parent to instantly create a personalized and private Doctor Report PDF to share with their child's pediatrician. This gives parents and their doctors a new way to review and analyze up-to-the-moment heath and developmental information for their babies and toddlers children.

The exportable Doctor Report PDF can detail:

  • Sick Visits: Up-to-date symptoms, temperature and medicines given
  • Well Visits: Health and illness information, trends and patterns for sleep, feeding, diaper changes and more
  • Growth and Development Report: Developmental milestones status and growth charts
  • Immunization Report: Current and complete immunization records

"As a busy parent, I often find it difficult during doctor visits to answer my doctor's questions and recall specific details—what day my daughter got sick, what exactly happened and what medications I had given and when. So, I co-developed our Health Tracker and Doctor Report Generator. Now, parents can present up-to-the-minute, accurate reports and timelines of their child's health in ways that weren't possible before," said Alex Romayev, Co-Founder of Med ART Studios, the makers of Sprout Baby App. "The Health Tracker allows doctors to analyze reports and diagnose on real-time data, which is more reliable than recalled information."

Sprout Baby is available in ten languages worldwide in the App Store.

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At Sprout, we are dedicated to helping parents and parents-to-be by providing apps that are simple to use, powerful and built with you in mind. We believe in empowering families with tools that provide easy access to information for better decision-making.

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Med ART Studios, LLC, specializes in producing progressive home-health and professional medical software applications for mobile devices.

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At Sprout, we believe in empowering people with apps that provide easy access to health information and medical data that supports you in making important health care decisions.



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