Med ART Studios Announces the Launch of Sprout™ - Pregnancy Essentials New iPhone Application

May 04, 2010

BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Med ART Studios (, developers of authoritative medical applications, announced today the release of their highly anticipated Sprout - Pregnancy Essentials application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Sprout - Pregnancy Essentials is the definitive solution for the needs of pregnant mothers to be. Sprout offers something never before available. The application combines authoritative medical advice and stunning fetal imagery in a natural and easy to use format. Written by doctors and evaluated by pregnant women, Sprout delivers trustworthy week-by-week specific medical information, custom details about your developing baby, and a powerful set of pregnancy related tools.

"Sprout is like having your own private medical practitioner in your pocket," says Robert Kern, co-founder of Med ART Studios. The Sprout section called, "Doctor Says" provides contemporary women with appropriate and succinct answers to their pregnancy related questions as well as their own personal gestation specific milestones. There is a doctor visit planner located in the "Organizer" section that helps organize questions, symptoms, and visit related items. A "Tools" section provides additional features like a "Contraction Timer," "Weight Tracker" and a "Kick Monitor". The exclusive anatomically accurate gestational images are complemented by custom designed 3-dimensional fetal models (an industry first). Sproutliterally takes the iPhone app to the next dimension.

Sprout™ Features Include

My Baby - Lifelike fetal imagery and information about fetal development
Doctor Says - Week by week specific pregnancy advice from the experts
Pregnancy Timeline - Personalized due date specific milestones
3D Models - Industry first interactive 3 dimensional fetal models
Organizer - Easy to use M.D. visit planner and checklists
Tools Section - Including contraction timer, weight tracker and kick monitor

What truly makes Sprout - Pregnancy Essentials stand out is its portability. Sprout is comprehensive enough to limit dependency on large textbooks, yet focused enough to minimize the need to constantly sift through the Internet. According to Lauren Ferrara M.D., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, "The iPhone pregnancy application 'Sprout' gives my patients something they never had before. It's detailed, helpful, and unlike most other resources, it's ready for them at their fingertips just when they need it most," says Dr. Ferrara.

More information about Sprout - Pregnancy Essentials may be found at or by visiting the company Facebook page.

About Med ART Studios

Med ART Studios, LLC, specializes in producing progressive home-health and professional medical software applications for hand-held mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone. Med ART Studios strives to deliver elegant and authoritative medical applications with a high degree of functionality. For more press information contact us by email at or by mail at 14 Andover Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807.

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