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White label our Mobile Health Platform to rapidly bring your apps to market

Disease Management Apps

Disease Management Apps

Patient-centric apps helping people manage their conditions


Caregiver Apps

Caregiver Apps

Caregivers can track, share and export data concerning the people they care for


Early Life Apps

Early Life Apps

Award-winning pregnancy tracker, baby tracker and reproductive health apps


Why Use Our Platform?

Speed to Market

Typically 2-3 months

Engaged Customers

Award-winning design users love

Regimen Compliance

Easy-to-use tools

Rich Data Analytics

Intimate data shared anonymously

Sprout Mobile Health Platform Features

We've built the hard stuff so you can focus on your business's core competency.

  • White Labeling
    Fully customizable iOS and Android apps aligned with your brand.

  • Localize and Customize with Your Content
    You can easily add your own content as well as translations – our apps are designed with localization in mind.

  • Powerful Health Tools & Trackers
    From tracking medications, symptoms, care plans and more, we have a suite of powerful plug-and-play tools developed and available to use "out of the box" or to customize.

  • On-Demand Doctor Report Generator
    Export health data entered into app into easy-to-read reports to aid in discussions with health care providers providing them with up-to-the-moment information.

  • High-Quality Data and Analytics
    Access real-time anonymized high-quality data for market, customer or employee insights.

  • Multi-Device Sync
    Platform independent real-time sync between devices. Everyone stays up to date as events are logged.

  • Synchronization Platform with Autoscaling
    Access the same sync platform that powers our award-winning consumer apps. With over 5 years of real-world usage, it's highly optimized, secure and scales on-demand.

  • Secure and Anonymous Data Backup
    Customer's data is securely backed up and they aren't required to enter a username and password to use the app ensuring privacy and eliminating a huge barrier to entry.

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