Disease Management Apps

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Disease Management App

Why Use Our Platform?

Speed to Market

Typically 2-3 months

Engaged Customers

Award-winning design users love

Regimen Compliance

Easy-to-use tools

Rich Data Analytics

Intimate data shared anonymously

Disease Management Apps Overview

  • Customizable for any disease or condition
  • Record key vitals, symptoms and organize questions for doctor visits
  • Multi-Device Sync keeps family and caregivers up to date on all logged activities
  • Export PDF reports for the doctor of all logged app data (medications, symptoms, pain level, health and more)
  • Set alerts and reminders
  • Send push notifications
  • Update with your own content (including translations)
  • Ability to custom develop specific tools and features

Why Choose Sprout's White Label Solution?

By using our Mobile Health Platform, you benefit from:

  • Speed to market: you no longer have to worry about building an app from scratch and developing tools and functionality that already exist
  • Innovation connected to your brand: you can customize the app with your own brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the app and the innovation with your company
  • Your app doesn't get outdated: you'll benefit from our regular platform updates, enhancements and performance upgrades ensuring the app always feels fresh
  • Secure and proven technology: you use the same platform that has been driving our award-winning Sprout Early Life apps for over 5 years - you can be confident it works!
  • A senior-level team of experts: a highly experienced team working with you who understand and have worked in your industry

Platform Features

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